Caritas Austria

Caritas Austria is a non-governmental organisation under the Austrian Catholic church with more than 13.000
employees and about 40.000 volunteers in its domestic and international work. In Austria, Caritas is known as one of the
biggest providers of social services (work with marginalised persons and adults and children in crisis situations, elderly
and people with disabilities). On an international level, Caritas Austria has decades of experience in Humanitarian Aid
and Development cooperation and has two strategic programmes: Food Security and Children. Caritas Austria is
member of Caritas Europa located in Brussels and of the network of Caritas Internationalis, a confederation of 200
member organisations in 165 countries worldwide. Goal of the work of all Caritas organisations is to improve the
situation of vulnerable people. In its work, Caritas is following a holistic approach.

Role in the TEACH project:

Caritas Austria is the applicant of this project, responsible for grant management and overal coordination. Caritas
Austria will take a lead role in the implementation of Specific Objective 1. Caritas Austria is working closely with the
other consortium partners in the design, monitoring, implementation and management of the project. Caritas Austria
will promote sharing of experiences and learning within the consortium.