TEACH – Technical Assistance for European Caritas Organisations in Humanitarian Aid

TEACH is a 2-year programme funded under EU Aid Volunteers Initiative (EUAV). The programme involves 6 European Caritas organisations in Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Ireland, the United Kingdom as well as Caritas Europa.

TEACH has the overall objective to strengthen the technical capacities in the areas of humanitarian learning and volunteer management. Three specific objectives have been defined:
• to build strong volunteer management systems;
• to enable European Caritas organisations to participate in the EUAV programme and to deploy volunteers in implementing countries;
• to strengthen awareness raising and communication actions in the field of humanitarian aid and volunteering in European partner countries.

Ultimately, the programme aims to enable more Caritas organisations to become certified in sending organisations under the EUAV programme. In order to do that, we consider fundamental (but not exclusive) to improve partner organisations’ implementation of humanitarian aid in complying with Core Humanitarian Standards.
Among activities we foresee to:
• organise peer exchange workshops about the identification, selection and management of volunteers;
• develop, improve and adapt guidelines and an operational manual in order to get a better quality in volunteer deployment and management;
• evaluate deployment and post-deployment strategies;
• inform partner organisations and Caritas Europa members about Core Humanitarian Standards and EUAV;
• offer a self-assessment tool to be spread among the network concerning CHS and EUAV;
• implement training sessions based on needs raised after the self-assessment;
• realise peer exchange visits as sharing of experiences is one of the assets and core methodologies to strengthen Caritas network;
• organize awareness raising programmes in participating countries

The TEACH project is intended to complement two other projects submitted by Caritas Austria and Trócaire (Caritas Ireland) as lead organisations under the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative:
REACH under the deployment stream, enabling volunteers to be sent overseas in partners’ programmes and PEACH2, aiming to capacity building actions in partners countries in Asia.

All projects are designed to support and complement each other and, ultimately, to offer a comprehensive quality service to Caritas network in this area. Humanitarian principles and standards are not negotiable and this becomes even more delicate during the deployment of professional volunteers. Transparency, cost effectiveness and efficiency are also core aspects of all Caritas projects under EUAV.